Medical Supplies

Our partner workers are providing emergency care to survivors, as well as delivering much-needed medical supplies.
     Mobile medical unit in Sindhupalchowk, Nuwakot and Gorkha near the earthquake epicenter has been setup with plans to expand to other affected areas.

Earthquakes survivors in Nepal are at risk for many health problems.

Immediately, thousands of survivors need medical treatment for cuts, lacerations, crush injuries and broken bones due to collapsing buildings and falling debris. In the following days and weeks, survivors may suffer from wound infections and respiratory problems from inhaling dust. If water supplies are disrupted, as some reports in Nepal indicate, survivors can become ill from drinking unclean water.  The most vulnerable people – older people and young children, for example — are at risk for hypothermia and illness from exposure to weather; tens of thousands of survivors are reportedly living in tents in Kathmandu now, either because their homes were destroyed or damaged or very real threats from continuing aftershocks.

With this scenario, help Nepal Relief through its partners in co-ordination with government health personnel to do necessary arrangement of medical and health related issues in affected area.